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W4PL D-STAR & DMR Repeater

Hello D-STAR Users,

Due to the damage caused by the lightning strike near W4PL and the obvious and not-so-obvious damage that was done, we recommend that new users use the Central D-STAR Registry to register for the global D-STAR Network.  CLICK HERE to go to the central registration website.

Tom Morgan K4VCM, Owner/Administrator
W4PL D-STAR Repeater

D-STAR Best Practices Reminders.

To ensure maximum availability of our repeater’s capabilities, do not link both modules (B & C) to the same repeater or reflector.  This is unnecessary and creates confusion. Check the repeater status page before doing any linking or unlinking. Please note that Module B is normally linked to REF030C (Atlanta).  This guidance applies to ALL D-STAR repeaters and reflectors.

Double-check your radio’s programming to make sure it does or will do what you want it to and that it conforms to standard D-STAR commands.  If you need help in programming your radio, ask for it.  The Chattanooga D-STARs are happy to help.

Do not “kerchunk” the repeater.  If testing, give your call sign and state what you are doing so others listening may be able to offer help or confirmation to you.

Always remember that a repeater/reflector is a shared resource so be mindful that others are using it even if they are only listening.  If you wish to link to another repeater or reflector, give your call sign and announce your intention so that others will know what you are proposing to do and will be aware of the change.

Remember that our repeater is equipped with Monlink which helps to manage linking. If you link to another repeater or reflector, Monlink will monitor traffic.  If there is no traffic for a while, Monlink will automatically unlink the module and return it to its normal, default condition.