W4PL Linking Schedule

We are pleased to announce the revised Linking Schedule for W4PL.

  • Module B:  Will continue its normal schedule of 24×7 linking to Reflector 030C.
  • Module C:
    – From 4 AM until 8 PM, seven days a week, Module C will be linked to the Chattanooga Reflector 77.- On Sundays, from 8:50 PM to 10:15 PM, Module C will be linked to Reflector 002A for the SE Regional Weather Net.  At 10:15 PM, Module C will automatically revert to an unlinked condition; however, it is programmed to not unlink if there is an active QSO in progress so the10:15 PM unlink time may flex a bit to accommodate active QSO’s.

Please note that you may unlink either module from its normal, non-net schedule if desired. When your QSO is complete, please relink to its normal linked condition.

Note:  We do NOT encourage unlinking a module that has been linked to a scheduled net.

We encourage you to use Module C while it is connected to Reflector 077 and get into the habit of using it. It’s a good place to meet new ham friends and build relationships that will help in times of trouble.  Please remember that “networks” are not just about computers & the Internet but the friendships we make and the support we give when things go bad.